Traditional Spa Treatments

Traditional Spa Treatments

The Karlovy Vary springs are steeped in many traditions, one of the most important being traditional Karlovy Vary spa treatment. Let us now, together consider one of the many treatments that this broad concept encompasses - physiotherapy treatment. ... Gesamter Beitrag

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Chef's recipe

Good evening, please take a seat, today we are serving one of the favorite delicacies of our Executive Chef, Lukáš Paluska; baked scallops on leek ragout and parmesan chips. ... Gesamter Beitrag

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Bread as a healthy treat

On the right bank of the river Teplá, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Karlovy Vary lies the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, a hotel which gives its guests a warm feeling of home and restores their health. Improving health certainly contributes to the continuous improvement of premium services and products. ... Gesamter Beitrag

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Aktuelles vom Hotel Carlsbad Plaza

Looking Back

We are honored that together with you, we can celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel Carlsbad Plaza. Thanks to a comprehensive, challenging and sensitive reconstruction we managed to change a 3 * sanatorium into one of the best hotels in the Czech Republic and indeed in the world, a fact proven not only by being awarded the 5 * Superior ... Gesamter Beitrag

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Hotel Alliances and Awards

Undoubtedly the most important award for the hotel Carlsbad Plaza is the appreciation of its guests who return to us with a smile. Just for you and thanks to you, dear guests, the quality of hotel services and luxury climbs higher and higher toward the stars. It is therefore not surprising that the hotel Carlsbad Plaza receives one award after another, not only from guests, but also memberships in world-renowned alliances. ... Gesamter Beitrag

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The Chef’s Recipe

As children we have all probably stood at the kitchen worktop and watched our mother’s hands working to prepare meals, the taste of which we will never forget. ... Gesamter Beitrag

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From our Town

Karlovy vary offers a surprisingly rich and wide variety of unforgettable cultural experiences. Our Municipal Theatre can be found just a short walk from the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza away, in the direction of the thermal springs. ... Gesamter Beitrag

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From our bars

From our bars Grappa, an aroma and taste of Italy. When speaking about Italy surely we recall the sea, the Dolomites or the extensive vineyards with vines stretching from valley to mountain. Let’s stop for a moment at the grapevine and contemplate one of its forms - grappa. ... Gesamter Beitrag

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