Sergey Yurevich Svetlakov

The world-famous actor, great entertainer, presenter, producer and screenwriter Sergey Yurevich Svetlakov visited our spa town in April this year. It was a great honor for our hotel that he chose the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel, upon the recommendation of his friends, to relax and regain new energy. ... Gesamter Beitrag


Certification 5* SUPERIOR

It was the year 2011, which has been an important milestone for the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel. As the first hotel in the Czech Republic in that year, the Carlsbad Plaza won the highest international certification 5* Superior ... ... Gesamter Beitrag


Castle Spa

The Castle Spring has been first discovered in the historical center of Karlovy Vary in 1769, but not until many years later, namely in 1797; the first pavilion has been built for the fountain. ... Gesamter Beitrag


The tradition inherited from generation to generation is in the top artistic watchmaking brand Art de Suisse a basic building block to success. The latest representer in a long line of generations is Bajram Sahatçiu, who in 1951 became an active member of this family company when he was just 8 years old. ... Gesamter Beitrag


Visiting the sauna and swimming pool

The word etiquette itself can evoke norms of behavior in high society. But in fact we meet with etiquette even where we least expect it. For example, when visiting a Wellness area. Today in our regular column on etiquette we visit the saunas and swimming pools. ... Gesamter Beitrag


Majestic Medical Suite

Thinking does not mean knowing. And even if one could rightly assume that the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel already offers its clients the maximum possible full spa treatment at the highest level ... ... Gesamter Beitrag


Recommendation of our physician

Would you like to shape your body, enhance and strengthen muscles, reduce centimeters in problem areas before summer or need to start moving right after an accident? Being fit and having a beautiful silhouette is given by nature only to a few of us, others have no choice but to start with a demanding training schedule. ... Gesamter Beitrag



Already the first settlers of the valley and forests around the river Teplá knew the curative effects of the thermal mineral waters springing here. They were told to have magical power, which Charles IV. tried himself who in 1370 promoted the settlement to a city. ... Gesamter Beitrag


From our Bars Hookahs

When we dig into the history of hookahs, we can hardly tell with certainty where hookahs came from and when they developed. It is thought that they come from India, where they first appeared more than four hundred years ago. ... Gesamter Beitrag


IKA 2016

V říjnu loňského roku se opět po čtyřech letech konalo v německém Erfurtu největší setkání a klání kuchařů a cukrářů z celého světa. V kategorii Regionálních týmů nesměl chybět Executive Chef Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotelu – Lukáš Paluska ... Gesamter Beitrag

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