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Health & Beauty CLINIC:

Have you ever wondered about how important are your feet for you? They carry us around almost continuously every day, from approximately the first year after birth for many more years, and sometimes they are exposed ... Gesamter Beitrag


Jozef Nushi: Luxury clothing retailer and distributor of joy

Fashion is his pastime and joy. He draws inspiration from the cradle of the fashion industry, Italy, where he also selects the best pieces of clothing to import to his three stores in Karlovy Vary. There he offers them, with the help of his hand-selected team, to his customers. ... Gesamter Beitrag


From our town: Karlovy Vary porcelain

Although the production of porcelain in Bohemia is far-reaching and has rich history, porcelain holds primacy in China, which for more than a thousand years managed to keep from of the rest of the world the secret of its production. It was not until the early 18th century ... Gesamter Beitrag


Kanebo Sensai: Charm hidden in silk

Kanebo Sensai is a premium Japanese cosmetics based on the most precious natural silk fiber combined with the latest technological procedures. Close your eyes and you suddenly find yourself in Japan enclosed in natural beauty, a feeling of lightness. Kanebo was founded ... Gesamter Beitrag


Castle Spa (Zámecké Lázně)...original, magical, wonderful and open to all ...

The unique Castle Spa, located in the heart of Karlovy Vary, is a unique center of traditional spa treatment and is immediately recognized for its original architecture. The historical roots of this treatment facility date back to the period before the First World War ... Gesamter Beitrag


Etiquette : a true gentleman

Our regular column on Etiquette focuses on the rules of social behavior, this time we focus on the question of male honor. How should a true gentleman behave? True gentlemen are becoming rare in these modern times of accelerating impersonal contact. ... Gesamter Beitrag


Millionaire: Luxury Italian fashion at a reasonable price!

In terms of numerology the year 2014 will be the best year for the last 12 years and it is just the time to make changes and introduce innovations, and this is indeed true of our hotel too. We are proud to introduce another innovation this year; the opening of a new Italian Millionaire boutique ... Gesamter Beitrag


Lifestyle: Golf

Golfers have the many expressions for the game, for example golf is a wonderful lifestyle, golf is a worldwide phenomenon, golf is a way of relaxation, golf is a game you like to play over and over again your whole life... ... Gesamter Beitrag


From our bars: Vodka, the purest of drinks

Vodka , this article could start like many boring articles , for example as follows : Vodka is a type of popular alcoholic beverage typically containing 35-70 % alcohol , is clear in color and so on. But we certainly do not want to bore our readers. ... Gesamter Beitrag


Chef´s recipe: Caramel cake in a popcorn crust

Welcome once again to the ‘Chef’s Recipe’ regular column. This time we slightly open the door to the kitchen of our French restaurant La Bohème where Chef Pierre Léotard prepares his delicacies. Look forward to the conclusion of your dining experience with the imaginary ‘icing on the cake’ ... Gesamter Beitrag

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