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Castle Spa

Perfect relaxation for body and mind


Perfect relaxation in the form of a massage has been known to mankind since ancient times. This therapy which uses pressure on muscles and tissues is one of the most widely sought-after therapeutic procedures by clients of the Castle Spa and as a whole in Karlovy Vary. You can choose from several types of massages - classical partial or full body, underwater, reflex, aroma massage or a reflexology foot massage.
Classical partial and full body massages contributes to the absorption of edema, effusions and hematomas, affecting muscle tone. In other cases it is considered a medical procedure, focusing on the area in pain, it is also an ideal form of passive relaxation, which is necessary to induce physical composure.
Where an underwater massage is concerned a therapist uses water and its temperature, and the mechanical action of water jets. Under these conditions the result is hyperemia,  decongested skin and subcutaneous tissue, and increased joint mobility. An underwater massage is the right choice when a perosn has problems with the locomotive system.
A Reflexology massage unlike a classic massage, operates mainly on a neural level. Individual organs and tissues are supplied with nerve fibers, changes in visceral organs and may cause changes to the surface of the body, muscles and other internal organs, and vice versa.
To induce the beneficial effects and relaxation during a classic massages, it is easier to achieve and improve the efficiency of the contribution with the help of different aromatic additives and massage emulsions. In this case we are refering to an aroma massage, whose grace and action on our sensory organ is one of the most pleasant procedures.
reflex massage is indeed a very special massage, which utilizes the reflex zones on the feet which influence the whole human body. Acupressure touch techniques have been used by our ancestors for over 5 thousand years and helped to ease tensions in certain parts of the body then and now.
A massage is very effective and comfortable method of receiving treatment and feeling relaxed. The unmistakable ambience of the Castle Spa, a unique termomineral pool and a rich selection of other medical procedures are available to all.




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