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Traditional Spa Treatments

The Karlovy Vary springs are steeped in many traditions, one of the most important being traditional Karlovy Vary spa treatment. Let us now, together consider one of the many treatments that this broad concept encompasses - physiotherapy treatment. ... Gesamter Beitrag


Traditional Spa Treatments

Probably everyone of us at one time or another has experienced an ever-accelerating lifestyle, an excessive workload and psychological or physical problems and said, „I need a break“. ... Gesamter Beitrag


Spa packages: Step by step to health and beauty

The quest for health and beauty is now becoming a global phenomenon, our team of professionals create these desires by way of innovative practices and technologies, which combines time tested traditions and individual approach ... Gesamter Beitrag


Traditional spa treatment: Indications and contraindications

Without doubt, this, the first edition of the 2015 Carlsbad Revue must contain our uninterrupted regular feature "traditional spa treatments," in which we try to explain the beneficial effects of many spa treatments. ... Gesamter Beitrag


The FBT First Minute treatment package

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to go to a world-famous spa, break away from stereotype and environmental stress and improve their health while being pampered? Who wouldn’t want first-class service, exclusive accommodation, excellent cuisine, traditional spa treatment, mineral springs and a team of professional health experts at your service? ... Gesamter Beitrag


Guests interview - subject: Medical Spa Suites

In the previous issue of the Carlsbad Revue we informed you about our unique Spa Suites treatment concept, which has no equivalent in the Czech Republic. In the following lines you can read about the first impressions and experiences of Mrs Gordii Antonina ... Gesamter Beitrag


Hotel Carlsbad Plaza introduces a unique innovation: Spa Suites

The history of spa in Karlovy Vary began many centuries ago, during those times, Karlovy Vary became a refuge for many famous names - J. W Goethe, TG Masaryk, or Tsar Peter the Great. ... Gesamter Beitrag


Traditional spa treatments: Moor wraps and baths

In Karlovy Vary the tradition of spa procedures and spa treatments such as these date back many centuries, when by Charles IV., the founder of our city, bathed his feet in the warm waters of the local springs. ... Gesamter Beitrag


Traditional spa treatments, a tradition recognized over time

Tradition therapy and spa treatments in Karlovy Vary go far back in history. The first recorded mention of treatment as a spa treatment dates back to the late 14th century, when Emperor Charles IV., whose name the famous spa town still bears, bathed tired feet in spring water from a healing hot spring. ... Gesamter Beitrag



Torfbäder sind dank ihrer einzigartigen Heilwirkungen schon seit den Zeiten des alten Griechenlands und Roms bekannt. Die eindeutig positive balneologische Anwendung des Torfs bestätigten Studien über die biochemischen Eigenschaften des Torfs. Diese begannen schon in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Gegenwärtig werden Torfbehandlungen bei einer Reihe verschiedener Erkrankungen und Sportverletzungen, in vielen Bereichen von der Dermatologie bis hin zur Kosmetik angewendet. ... Gesamter Beitrag


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