When a gentleman encounters a lady

A woman is like a flower, fragile and clean like freshly fallen snow, she should be handled with silk gloves. Hear ye gentlemen of all ages! Proper behavior towards  women proves that you're a good person, and you're on your way to becoming a true gentleman. Welcome to our regular column on the rules of courtesy.
Despite the fact that we believe that the fundamentals of courtesy should abound in every man not only a gentleman, it is clear that this is not always so, so let's start from the beginning ..
You must always open the door for a lady, not only the entrance to a building, but also the door of a car and if the weather requires hold an umbrella above her head. When you go to a restaurant for example, help the fairer creature with her coat and gloves and hold her purse, help her with her chair and stand up whenever she leaves or returns to the table. When approaching steps or stairs give priority to your female counterpart to climb first, and vice versa when decending, a gentleman must be prepared to protect her in the event of a fall.
When entering or leaving an elevator with a woman, she takes precedence in both cases. It is good to know that in normal contact it is appropriate to greet a woman first, while with professional contact first greet the person who is hierarchically highest. These standards of conduct apply always and everywhere, and although the size of your accounts and assets will definitely leave the right impression on a lady you do not want to offend her with critic or discussing private matters in public. If you use a few of these common rules, every woman will very much appreciate it.
It's up to you which way you go. You do not have to be born a real gentleman and it requires no significant talent, it is but a matter of choice. So what do you choose?



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