Grand Restaurant Festival 2014

...indulging the taste buds, beckoning fragrances and pleasing to the eye ... such is the Grand Restaurant Festival!

The main motto of this festival is "Eat well". A motto that guided all 30,585 visitors in 2013 who visited the 101 best and most interesting restaurants nationwide which were selected from the Maurer survey. The highest number of visits to the festival restaurants was recorded on the 15th of January, when 9,577 guests gratified their gourmet passions.

After the wonderful success of our La Bohème French gourmet restaurant last year, the Carlsbad Plaza hotel decided to participate once again in this unique festival. The 2014 Grand Restaurant Festival will take place as scheduled from 15th of January to the 28th of February 2014 and ticket sales begin on the 1st of December 2013. And as with every year, those top-class chefs from the very best restaurants will offer food festival visitors meals from the following three categories: "You haven’t eaten yet! ", "We honor traditional recipes and customs" and "Love comes through the stomach." 
The restaurants use the highest quality raw materials and with impatience we can expect really exquisite dishes from the chefs . The Carlsbad Plaza’s La Bohème restaurant has allowed us to peek under the lid of one of its outstanding festival recipes.

The La Boheme Restaurant Menu - Grand Restaurant Festival 2014:

As a chefs compliment every guest receives an “amuse bouches” gift in the form of a Tomato Tartar with fresh basil and Tramezina crisps, mineral water, late harvest Chardonnay 2012, Cabernet Moravia 2011

  • Scallop Carpaccio marinated in vanilla oil , served with vegetable “confit”, black olive “pâté“ and mandarin dressing
  • "Cochon de Lait " suckling pig saddle served with carrot “confit” in organic honey with ginger essence and a splash of cognac
  • Caramel pie in a popcorn crust accompanied by homemade Bubble gum ice cream and sweet sauce
The recipe for Scallop Carpaccio:

Prepare vanilla oil from one vanilla pod and seeds, which had been left in the oil for five days, then sprinkle on the scallops and marinate cold for one day.Next, coat phyllo dough with maple syrup and cut into slices and bake. Prepare a tapenade of black olive, anchovies, tuna, garlic , shallots, fresh thyme, olive and sunflower oil and spread on the baked slices . To prepare the vegetable confit fry tomato pulp, red onions, shallots  garlic, refined nut butter and season with freshly ground pepper, salt and sugar. To finish this brilliant recipe add a mandarin dressing, which is achieved by reducing the fresh juice of mandarins, sugar and white balsamic .

The restaurant's chef Pierre Léotard and his team are looking forward to your visit and wish you a " bon appétit !"


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