Health & Beauty CLINIC:

Innovations for every foot, every day, every sport…

Have you ever wondered about how important are your feet for you? They carry us around almost continuously every day, from approximately the first year after birth for many more years, and sometimes they are exposed to some harsh treatment. Let’s treat them to something really good, something they truly deserve for all their continuous effort.

Health & Beauty Clinic comes with an innovation for every foot, every day and every sport. With this clinic you can treat your foot soles to new French and absolutely ingenious 3D orthopaedic insoles. It is about time we realize that our feet are a foundation of our body and the very shape of the foot sole determines the static and dynamics of the motion apparatus, therefore the selection of the correct shoes and especially the individual correction insoles has a rather significant influence on our overall health because the health and beauty of our body and soul lies exactly in the perfect harmony with motion. The professional team of doctors and medical staff of the Health & Beauty Clinic will certainly put you back on your feet. After making an impression of your foot sole in a special material they will scan it into a computer where the computer diagnostics will display defects and problems. Subsequently, the podiatry (complex legs care) specialists will evaluate the defects, specify the given problems of your feet and recommend the most effective solution, and on the basis of these objective facts 3D orthopaedic insoles dealing with a specific problem of your foot sole will be produced. These insoles will spread the weight of your body evenly throughout your whole foot sole thus relieving the over-burdened spine, joints and ligaments. The insoles are suitable for a whole-day use in regular and work shoes. The clinic also produces special sports models SIDAS CONFORM´ABLE for running, skiing, golf, cycling, football, ice-hockey, hiking, etc.

Health & Beauty Clinic produces not only quality 3D orthopaedic insoles for shoes to maintain the health and beauty of the legs as foundation elements of your body, but offers also laser teeth whitening to give you a shining and beautiful, and most of all, healthy smile…



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