Šárka Matějková

Once again we use an opportunity to introduce and present to our guests and the public our hotel personality, an individual chosen from the ranks of our professional team. Meet the Guest Relation Manager of the Carlsbad Plaza, Mrs. Šárka Matějková.

After graduating from the prestigious hotel school in Marienbad it was obvious what direction Šárka`s career would take. Her past includes experience from other hotels in Karlovy Vary, but Eden Group`s hotels proved inescapable for her. In addition to her native Czech language Sarka Matějková also speaks Russian, English and German.  Her recent history has offered many opportunities to improve her professional skills and includes working in various positions at Eden Group, namely at the hotels Eboli, Esther and Elizabeth and at the Castle Spa.
Šárka has worked at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza since its opening in 2005, in her words, she was lucky. She was a member of the pre-opening team and her current career started in the position of Front Office Manager, thanks to her abilities and motivation to keep improving, she advanced to the position of Guest Relations Manager in April 2012. Are you interested in the job description of such a manager? It is, of course, about taking care of our guests, especially members of our Prestige Club. These guests are accustomed to the highest standards of service, and with the help of the entire hotel team there cannot be the slightest fluctuation in quality. Another large group, about whom Šárka takes care, are guests who visit the hotel for the first time. Šárka is always available to offer a helping hand and guide them during the first few days.
And now a few words from our Guest Relation Manager, Sarka Matějková: "Each one of our guests is unique, some welcome a personal guide in a new environment, they want to feel support, others like to discover by themselves and enjoy new experiences in a foreign city or country. I consider an individual approach to guests during their stay as one of the most important aspects of my work. Winning our guests trust and confidence and never disappointing realistic expectations are for me a guarantee of yet other happy encounter. ".


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