Social Networking Sites: A conventional phenomenon


They're all around us, we are surrounded by them day and night. They are an integral part of every day, allowing us to connect with anybody, anywhere, an incredible phenomenon of modern times. Do you know what we are speaking about? Yes, social networking, thanks to which we can show ourselves to you and you to us.

The hotel sales department diligently runs many notable reports and articles about the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, including information on events in our beautiful spa town of Karlovy Vary, on many pages of various social networking sites.

For a regular supply of information visit the "Carlsbad Plaza ***** Hotel“ Facebook page, where you will find the hottest news from the hotel including our 3 restaurants, 4 bars, hotel services and special events. Another gateway to the world of the Internet is the “Carlsbad Revue” Facebook page, an electronic copy of the hotel magazine that you are holding in your hands right now, allowing you to read articles online. Several times a week the sales department also devotes time to updating the "Carlsbad Clinic" Karlovy Vary" and "Castle Spa - Zámecké lázně" Facebook pages.

The Carlsbad Plaza Hotel has the same name on Twitter, and regularly adds to its blogs on "" where you can read much longer articles about the hotel's events. Are you interested in pictures of our hotel? If so visit Instagram "CARLSBADPLAZAHOTEL" or Pinterest "Carlsbad Plaza ***** Hotel", where you will find not only our photos but also photos from other Pinterest and Instagram users.

Another interactive alternative for interesting attractions can be found on the Google+ information portal, where you can research everything about our hotel, its restaurants, bars, Spa & Wellness, Carlsbad Clinic, services provided and special events under the name “Carlsbad Plaza”.

If your stay at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza left a lasting impression, and we believe that this is the case, join us on our social networking sites and share everything not only with us but with other guests too. We would like to know your opinion of the Carlsbad Plaza Spa & Wellness Hotel, so please share your thoughts with us and other travelers on 


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