The 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

The 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Jubilee celebration for the art of film making

The biggest film festival in the Czech Republic and most prestigious film festival in Central and Eastern Europe is without a doubt the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which this year celebrated its jubilee anniversary. And as usual the festival brought with it the right atmosphere saturated with countless screened feature films, memorable accompanying events and friendly visitors from both the industry and general public.
The big Crystal Globe award, which is the work of Moser Karlovy Vary and the Miloš Vacek sculpture studio, was quite rightfully received by Alena Mihulová for her acting comeback in the movie Domácí péče (Home Care). Kryštof Hádek took the same award in the category of Best Actor for his role in the film Kobry a užovky (Cobras and Grass snakes), as expected Karlovy Vary's Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema and in recognition of the 50th International Film Festival, was placed in the hands of the American Idol and film star Richard Gere and undoubtedly caused many  film fans hearts to leap. The IFF KV President's Award by Jiří Bartoška was deservedly presented to Iva Janžurová for her contribution to the Czech cinematography.
Let's summarize this year's 50th anniversary cinematic spectacle in numbers: the 50th Karlovy Vary IFF 2015, was attended by 12,857 accredited visitors, during the festival there were 488 film performances which were attended by 135,105 spectators. More specifically a total of 226 films, including 186 feature films and 40 documentaries. Of the films shown at the festival this year there were 35 world, 26 international and 12 European premieres. 199 screenings were personally presented by a delegation of filmmakers.
The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza considers it a great honor that it could, traditionally organize several prestigious social events, during the festival and welcome many distinguished guests.


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