Traditional spa treatments, a tradition recognized over time


Honored guests of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza and visitors to Karlovy Vary, allow us this opportunity to introduce the tradition of spa treatments and especially the traditional spa treatments that are inherently connected to the spas of Karlovy Vary.

Tradition therapy and spa treatments in Karlovy Vary go far back in history. The first recorded mention of treatment as a spa treatment dates back to the late 14th century, when Emperor Charles IV., whose name the famous spa town still bears, bathed tired feet in spring water from a healing hot spring.

For more than 650 years, classic and traditional treatments, mainly in the area of healing baths, have been performed here in Karlovy Vary. Have you ever experienced the beneficial effects of healing baths?  Below The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza introduces you to the "Medical Spa Gallery" and just two of a substantial variety of treatments.

Pearl bath, reinvigorate your body
Let the toxins be flushed out of your body and pleasantly relax in a bubble bath. The extremely gratifying massage effect will cause your subcutaneous cells to agitate. Thanks to this the skin is diffused, and the sonata of music from the bubbles will bring blissful relaxation.

Carbonic bath, spring of health
Bathe yourself in a mixture of Karlovy Vary spring water and cold water, the combination of which is highly enriched with naturally dissolved carbon dioxide. The CO2 dissolved in the bath penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream of the body and induces vasodilation. An important treatment to help avoid the narrowing and clogging of blood vessels, which can lead to very serious health problems. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of a carbonic bath while doing something beneficial for your health.

In the Medical Spa Gallery of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza experience the tradition of medical treatments firsthand, a tradition that has been recognized for centuries ...


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